Executive Committee

MN Society of Arboriculture


2016 Executive Committee Meetings

1st Thursday of the month at 8:00 am


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MSA Standing Committee Chairs


Lara Newberg,
Tasks: Solicit nomination and coordinate the selection process for the MSA awards program. Develop MSA awards that promote and recognize the field of arboriculture. Currently; Distinguished Service award, Award of Merit, Volunteer Service award, Treescaping award, Practitioners Award of Excellence, Corporate Award of Excellence, Toothless Saw and Mug Award of Merit. Prepare and present the awards.


Dave Hanson,
Tasks: Coordinate Certified Arborist, Certified Utility Specialist, Certified Tree Worker and Board Certified Arborist testing. Maintain list of proctors and testing assistants for testing program. Assign Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for seminars, workshops, classes and other programs while providing this information to those attending educational programs.

Day of Service
Jim Ostvig,


As Needed
Tasks: Receive information about alleged non-ethical practices by MSA from members and public. Investigate alleged non-ethical practices. Attempt to resolve ethical disputes, if they are not resolved, make recommendations to Executive Board (up to and including recommending rejection from MSA).


Lorrie Stromme,
Tasks: Coordinate activities with MnStac legislative committee. Coordinate collection of information regarding legislative, legal and regulatory issues related to Arboriculture, MSA and our membership and disseminate this information to our members.


Manuel Jordan,

Tasks: Coordinate MSA interests to other green industry organizations such as MN Turf & Grounds and MN Landscape Association for the betterment of arboriculture in Minnesota.

Membership Services

Karen Zumach,
Tasks: Coordinate production of annual membership packet. Maintain MSA display and coordinate appearance at events in an effort to promote membership growth. Assist subcommittees.


Shawn Bernick,
Tasks: Attend MTGF meetings as requested and represent MSA.


Tasks: Solicit nominations for MSA and Executive Committee positions. Coordinate election of new officers, as terms expire, at each Fall Conference.

Program and Education

Tasks: Develop, promote and coordinate educational programs for arborists. Lead development of the educational program for the Fall Conference. Coordinate with other committees and members when there is an educational component with other MSA events (i.e., EHAP, Festival of Trees and out-state workshops). Assist subcommittees.





TCC (Tree Climbing Championship Committee)

George & Lynn Welles, and
Tasks: Coordinate our local Tree Climbing Championship that will choose our competitors for the yearly ISA International Tree Climbing Championship. Responsible for location, competitors, judges and funding.

Tree Fund

Ryan Gustafson,
Tasks: Coordinate MSA activities aimed toward raising funds to support the mission of the Tree Fund. Attend Tree Fund meetings as requested and represent MSA.

MSA Executive AdministratorHeidi Van Schooten