2022 Elections

Later this month, MSA Members  will be asked to vote in the 2022 Elections. ​

There will be two parts to this year’s ballot. Members will vote for the Executive Committee position of Information Officer. There is also a vote on proposed changes to the MSA Bylaws. Please see below for more information on the proposed bylaw changes and the candidates running for Information Officer. 

Voting will take place by e-ballot September 28-October 12. Current MSA members will receive the ballot by email when voting opens on September 28.

Proposed Bylaw Changes​​

​The Executive Committee has proposed amendments to the MSA Constitution & Bylaws. The amendments would update MSA leadership position titles, roles, and responsibilities. Please review the proposed amendments by clicking the link below. Red/strikethrough language is to be deleted; Blue is to be added.

Proposed MSA Constitution & Bylaws Changes

Candidates for Information Officer

Kerrick Sarbacker

​Kerrick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from St. Kate’s University and served as an Agroforestry volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa before starting my work as an Arborist in 2017. I am passionate about communicating with people and learning new skills. I am already engaged with my community as an Arborist for the Minneapolis Park and Rec. Board and different organizations for which I have volunteered, such as Youth Engagement in Arboriculture and community gardening in Bohanon Park over the summer. I feel like this position would enhance the work that I am already doing and challenge me to be involved in a new way and grow myself and my community.​

My attention to detail and ability to learn new skills quickly are definitely major assets that I possess. However I feel like the thing I can contribute the most to the MSA Board is my passion for understanding trees and our environment and sharing that with others. I can be accountable to responsibilities that I take on or ask for help when I need it. I am willing to learn and communicate.

I have been a member of MSA since 2018 and have participated and volunteered for events like the climbing competitions, as well as attended MSA sponsored conferences. I think those events are crucial for conversations about safety standards, providing opportunities for continuing education, and for creating a sense of community in our industry. I want to be part of fostering that conversation for future arborists and for myself as a woman in the industry.

Mike Van Heel

​I have been working in arboriculture for 15 + years. I worked for a small family owned tree service for most my career where I learned to climb and hone in some old school skills and techniques. Eventually started personally researching and practicing more advance techniques and plant health care. Eventually I got a tip that MPRB was hiring for an arborist position. Very grateful to have been hired to work alongside a great group of highly knowledgeable arborists.​

I bring endless hours of field experience to the MSA Board and I enjoy learning something new about trees everyday.