Ascent Event

Ascent Event at MNTCC 2019

Due to logistics and potential upcoming changes to the ISA Ascent Event rules and format, MNTCC 2019 will run a modified/abbreviated Ascent Event.

This event will consist only of the “Ascent” portion. “Setup” and “Changeover” will not be included in the scored/timed stages of the event.

In other words: this year’s Ascent Event at MNTCC will be run similarly to the Foot Lock event. However, competitors will ascend with a system of their choosing (provided the system meets ITCC rules requirements).

Ascent Event will run as follows:
1. Technicians will install competitor ropes as per Ascent Event rules
2. Competitor installs ascent system onto ropes
3. Head Judge/Tech verifies system and gives the all clear
4. Competitor’s time starts when their second foot leaves the ground
5. Time stops when competitor rings the finishing bell
6. The entire assembly; competitor, ropes and system are lowered to the ground by belay techs. No need to changeover.

Any questions? Please contact the MNTCC committee or Taylor Hamel

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at MNTCC 2018!