8:00  Welcome and Intro

8:10  Longevity in Arboriculture (40 min)–Mark
Being an arborist for your whole career can take its toll. Learn tools and techniques that will enable you to both stay engaged and functionally fit to perform over the long haul.

8:55  Emotional Rescue (40 min)–Alison
Here we will discuss the topic of “stress injury” including physical effects, signs and symptoms, risk factors, prevention, and treatment.  We will discuss “stress continuum” and its importance in operational readiness.  We will also learn psychological first aid skills.

9:40  All Bleeding Stops- eventually (45 min)–Alison                                                                                                                                                                                                                             We will review and discuss pathophysiology of shock (not emotional shock) and present a field approach for the care and treatment of the bleeding patient including wound packing and tourniquets.

10:30  Unique Removing Scenarios (40 min)–Mark
If you are a practicing arborist, you will eventually get tested by the scenarios you encounter. This talk will showcase some of these examples and will open up a discussion on what was learned. ​

11:15  Mountain Rescue- from the banal to the bizarre (45 min)–Alison
Overview of SAR operations in the USA.  Emphasis on my team, Rocky Mountain Rescue and the Mountain Rescue Association, to show different types of challenges in search and rescue.  Includes some interesting case studies.​​

Noon “Climber’s Corner” (15 min)-Nick Grebe and Scott Ferris